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Have you ever been angry? When you are angry it is happy or suffering? If it is suffering why don’t you just leave it? How can we say that we know? How can we call ourselves smart, if we still act like this?

Since we were born, how many times has the anger attacked us? Sometimes, it makes the family fight with each other and cries all night long. Still we let the anger in, and keep it inside. We keep on suffering up to this moment.

From now on, if we all cannot see dukkha, we will keep on suffering. If we can see it today, throw it away. We have to throw it away or it will make us suffer until we die. The cycle is like this. If we know dhukkha then we can solve the problems and stop the cycle.

Therefore Buddha taught that there is no better way out of dhukkha, than keep in mind that everything is not consistent, everything is not our possessions. This is the key, the important one. But we rarely listen to his teachings. When we suffer, we cry then we just don’t learn a lesson. Why don’t we look and keep our eyes on it. Keeping Buddho in mine will help us to see clearly.

The way out of suffering
Luangphor Cha Supattho, Wat Nong Pa Pong

Translated by Tuangkwan

rebel : There is a question, whether if we all are here in this situation (8 bombing incident in BKK on the 2007 New Year’s Eve) is the result of Karma.


Dark Forest : Karma is action. A simple example is… when we heat the water then it get boiled. This is the result of Karma that we can see. When every factor is ready, and we heat the water, then it will be boiled. When every factor (i.e. appropriate container, water, heat, time) is ready it will definitely be boiled. Like every other action, the results of our action will definitely affect us in order. Sometimes it will come in next life or the in coming lives. And what we are facing now, might be the result of the long long time ago. It is as if we dropped a seed. Without our awareness, it has grown. One day we would be there sitting under the tree’s shade. We would feel comfortable, without knowing that it was us who dropped the seed of such a huge tree. The result is certain. There is no accident, only certainty. Even the time when we were born or when we die, each was set by the actions and factors.



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