It is as if we are carrying a big stone. It is very heavy to carry. However we don’t know what to do with it. Therefore we keep on carrying it. And when somebody asked why we don’t throw it way, we started to think that if we throw it away, and we would have nothing left.

So we are still carrying the stone. We won’t let go, even though people would tell us that we should throw it away and we will gain benefit. Still we don’t listen to them. Because we are afraid that there will be nothing left for us. Therefore, we carry the heavy stone. Until we are very exhausted, until we can no longer carry it. And let it go.

When we let the stone fall down, we would learn a lesson of “letting go”. We will be relieved and be aware of how heavy the stone was. When we carrying it, we just don’t aware of the benefit of letting go.

Translated by Tuangkwan